About Us

Jeweler Erika Lauren Schade studied international relations and began her career as a politico and environmentalist. She speaks more than one language, has lived abroad in Germany, worked at the Canadian High Commission in New Zealand and has contributed to groundbreaking land and marine mammal conservation projects locally. Erika is passionate about helping people understand more about the environment whether as a professional communicator, educator or designer.

It is only natural, then, that her eco-conscious background is deeply embedded into the DNA of her eponymous jewelry line. Take for instance her ‘Glacier’ collection, which uses up-cycled plastics to recreate pieces reminicst of the exotic beauty of Arctic landscapes or the ‘Noir’ collection which honors sustainable design principles by turning defunct bicycle inner tubes into chic rubber jewelry. Indeed, since 2009, self taught Canada-based designer Erika Lauren has produced pieces that are as much about glamour as they are about appreciating the natural world.